Dutch city generates electricity from living plants

Zaandam – a city in the Netherlands – gets energy-generating plants. The plants have a street and a charging point for mobile phones deal with electricity.

Plant-E / Wageningen University

The trees are on National Tree Day, ordered by the Ministry with Plant-E, part of Wageningen University.
Under the influence of sunlight plants make organic compounds. The plant uses a part of it to grow, another part is excreted via the roots. This is the part Plant-E uses.

At the roots grow naturally occurring bacteria that break down the compounds. This produces electrons Plant-E can ‘harvest’. The electricity generated is low voltage and is therefore not dangerous to humans or animals. However, the power can directly be used for charging mobile phones and laptops and LED lighting.

Plant-E is still under development. Eventually it should be possible according to the company with an arrangement to provide: hundred square meters average household electricity.
The Technology of Plant-E should soon appear on the market. The system will appear in Zaandam costs: 80,000 euros .

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