The Netherlands gets climate proof

Netherlands, climate proof

1500 kilometers of dikes will be increased, broadened and/or strengthened

The Dutch government is assigning 20,000 million euro (25,784 million USD) to save the Netherlands against sea and especially river flooding. According to the Dutch Delta program, every citizen will be protected against climate change. This plan lowers the risk for flooding to 1 per 100,000 years.

Delta commissioner Kuijken says:

“De coast is well protected. If needed we will increase the beaches with extra sand the next years. But people near the rivers have first priority. Especially rivers near the sea.

Delta program 2015

  • 1500 kilometers of dikes will be increased, broadened and/or strengthened
  • some special area like the nuclear reaction center get extra protection
  • rivers get extra space, cities more water storage locations and green area
  • the water level in lake IJsselmeer as a big supplier for clean water, is gonna be flexible
  • for the Rhine-Meuse delta, the Netherlands will take additional measures to ensure safety while there is storm at sea and high water in the rivers

The Netherlands is one of the countries in the world at risk.

But the people in Asia really have to fear flooding. Analysis by Climate Central and based on more detailed sea-level data than has previously been available.

The analysis offers country-by-country estimates for populations at risk of regular flooding, accounting for a range of potential emissions reductions and for variations of sea level sensitivity to climate change.

Globally, eight of the 10 large countries most at risk are in Asia. The Netherlands would be the most exposed, with more than 40 percent of its country at risk, but it also has the world’s most advanced levee system, which means in practice its risk is much lower.

$1.3 billion a year on water control

The Dutch government currently spends around $1.3 billion a year on water control, and local water boards spend hundreds of millions more to maintain dikes and canals, kill muskrats and pump water from “polderland” — former swamps, lakes and sea areas that have been ringed with levees and turned into towns and farmland.


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