Dutch experts provide drainage refugee camp in South Sudan

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Residents of flooded protection site for people displaced by violence cross waist-high water as

More than fifty thousand people in a swampy area of ​​seventy acres that is totally flooding during the rainy season total.

That is the residence of refugees in the civil war-torn South Sudan Bentiu town.

A team of hydraulic engineers, has been working to improve the drainage of this refugee camp.

Residents of flooded protection site for people displaced by violence cross waist-high water as

Last year the entire camp, including the toilets, schools and the hospital was flooded. During her visit last year, the Dutch Minister Ploumen saw the awful circumstances.

The camp was terrible. She send a water expert to Bentiu to make an assessment of what was needed for the short and long term,

Ring dike

A team of water engineers, made a plan to improve the situation. To ensure a good drainage system:

  • a ring dike will be constructed
  • dug ditches, canals and large pumps will be installed to pump out the excess water

We are working day and night to ensure the works are ready before the rainy season starts (May / June).

Huge project

This is a huge project, in a difficult place in a war zone. The total cost for the renovation of the camp, an extension and the drainage plan are estimated at $ 20 million. The Netherlands occupies 5.4 million for its account, other financiers are the UN, the EU and Switzerland.

Technical design

The Dutch contribution is focused on creating the technical design and supervision of the implementation. If finished, all inhabitants will keep their feet dry during the rainy season of 2015.

Minister Ploumen “This involves more than just flooding. The risk of diseases such as diarrhea and cholera will be decreasing a lot. The conditions of the people remain heavy, but the quality of life will be improved.”


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