DyVaR wins desalination prize

DyVaR desalination technology

DyVaR installation in Texas (USA) operational. Watch the video below

Last week, the Dutch company Salttech received the award for their water desalination technology DyVaR.

The innovation prize was given in Abu Dhabi called ‘Innovate@IWS’ during the International Water Summit in the category ‘industrial’.

DyVaR technology

The innovation is called ‘Salt Tech DyVaR technology’. It allows people to desalinate water without using membranes. The DyVaR technology uses the natural process during the desalination of water.

  • Each DyVaR installation consists of a large number of units of plastic the size of a bucket
  • The salty water is injected into the inside of the units along the wall in a way that the water will flow fast
  • The fresh water forms a vapor that is drained from the center of the unit (on top of the unit)
  • At the same time, the high centrifugal forces ensure that the salt particles are pressed to the outside of the unit
    This salt is discharged from the bottom.
    This explains why the salt from the water disappears without a membrane involved

The special feature is that almost all of the salt particle combinations can be recovered, and that hardly any fresh water is lost.

DyVaR for all kinds of industries

The first installations are operational since 2014. Especially in the USA. Initially the company focussed on commercial opportunities for the oil and gas industry (releasing a lot of salt). But the installation can be applied in all kinds of industries:

  • the process industry
  • the chemical industry
  • the water sector

Salttech produces skid mounted units to a capacity of several m3/hr or 1000 bbl/day. However, the DyVar Technology is very well suited for large scale applications in which case Salttech provides engineering and start-up services as well as the DyVaR core units. Salttech then works collaboratively with well established contracting firms to build large scale DyVar facilities.

The SaltTech company is located in the Netherlands with an office in Texas (USA)


Founder: Gerard Schouten

The Netherlands
Phone +31 (0) 515 200 230
E. info@salttech.com
W. Salttech.com

Video impression in Texas



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