ECN captures CO2

ECN captures CO2

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ECN – a Dutch research on energy company – claims a breakthrough in CO2 removal technology.

The company is focussing on CO2 capturing and the reuse of CO2.

With the SEWGS technology (Sorption-Enhanced Water Gas Shift), in just one proces step, coal and gas plants, wil operate cheaper and more energy efficient. 


The Sorption Enhanced Water Gas Shift process (SEWGS) is a technology that combines the water-gas shift reaction with CO2 capture at high temperature. The feed to the SEWGS unit is syngas, which is produced by reforming and high temperature shift.

Watch the video

The products are a pure CO2 stream at low pressure and a H2-rich stream at high pressure and high temperature. The CO2 can be compressed and transported to a suitable storage location, e.g. geological formations. In a reactor CO is converted with H2O to CO2 and H2 (water-gas shift reaction). Simultaneously, CO2 is removed from the gas by sorption on a promoted hydrotalcite-like material.

The sorbent is regenerated by purging counter currently with steam at low pressure. Since adsorption of CO2 is thermodynamically favored at high pressure and desorption at low pressure, parallel reactors are operated in pressure swing cycles.


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