Efficient Generator uses -/- 90% Bio-Fuel

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Thanks to a revolutionary technology, it is possible to reduce the emission of CO2 by more than 80%

This ‘Mobile Power Station’ generates with 10% Bio-Fuel the same amount of power comparing with traditional generators. When the generators are stapled (max 5) they produce 5 times the power with the same 10% Bio-Fuel input! 

This new technology is valuable, according to BetterWorldSolutions.

Let’s see the facts & figures Marshall Energy Global is showing.


  • The smallest Mobile Power Station, the M4P2, is capable of producing 2 MW of electricity per hour using less then 400 liters of Bio-Fuel per 24 hours
    To produce the same yield, a traditional generator would consume more than 8,000 liters of diesel. A considerable difference! A small M4P2 unit is three times more efficient than a large scale power plant
  • When the generators are stapled, they can produce up to 5 times the energy with the same 400 liters of bio-fuel a day
  • The M4P2 runs on many types of fuels and biofuels. For example, syngas, natural gas, kerosene etc. It has a 10,000 to 100,000 liter underground tank that only needs to be provisioned once every six weeks
  • Thanks to a revolutionary technology, it is possible to reduce the emission of CO2 by more than 92%
  • The last number of the model type number indicates the amount of megawatts (MW) that the unit can supply. The M4P2 produces 2MW of electricity. Marshall Energy offers a dozen Mobile Power Stations. The Mobile Power Station size is from M4P2 Unit to the M4P25.
renewables, green energy, climate change, electric power, bio generator, grid

The Magnet motor has no coils and thus no power losses and can be used even as a free energy generator. It is using the permanent magnetic field of the magnets to generate the force moving the rotor.

High values, low costs

The Mobile Power Station is placed in a container provided with an underground fuel tank installation located.

Therefore the generator can be placed close to end users like businesses, hospitals etc.

And because the container has little or nothing to do with the electricity grid, there is no loss of energy because of long transmission lines, damage or insufficient production.

The Mobile Power Station provides renewable green energy, and is very cost-effective. Clients pay their normal energy prize minus 30%! Useful for business offices, large hotels, sporting centra, hospitals, cruise ships … 

The US Patent is the property of Michael Marshall, Marshall Energy Global has The Right’s to Manufacture the M4P2 Units to the M4P25 Units. They emplace the Mobile Power Stations, maintain them and supply the fuel.


Facts & Figures: Carbon Credit Mechanism Certificate


Marshall Energy Global locations:
Londen – UK
West Conshohocken –  USA
Las Vegas, Nevada – USA
Lincoln, Nebraska – USA
Eindhoven – the Netherlands
US Virgin Islands – USA

Production: Eindhoven – the Netherlands

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T. +44 203291 3038
W. marshallenergyglobal.com


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