Eindhoven is building a Green Residential Tower With a Vertical Forest

Eindhoven is building a Green Residential Tower With a Vertical Forest

This green residential tower will have 19 floors and 125 social apartments, 125 trees and 5,200 shrubs and plants

Eindhoven is building a special green residential tower of 70 meters high. The ‘Trudo Vertical Forest’ becomes the world’s first vertical forest in social housing. By 2019 the residential tower must be ready.

The vertical forest will absorb annually about 50,000 kilos of CO2 and will supply 13,750 kilos of oxygen.

The residential tower will have 19 floors and 125 social apartments. Compact and comfortable lofts of 50 m2 and 3.5 meters high. Each loft has a balcony and two large green boxes. The green boxes will be filled with mature trees up to 6.5 meters high, 5,200 shrubs and plants. The residential tower will transform into a forest, but vertical.

Eindhoven is proud of this New Green Façade

Which tree is planted depends on whether a tree can be placed at height. For example, some trees are too sensitive to wind or frost or need more room to grow.

Each façade gets its own type of planting consisting indigenous species.

  • Because the north and east sides usually have hardly any sun and a lot of most wind, Eindhoven prefers for these façades fast-growing trees
  • The south and west side will be supplied with slowly growing trees, to ensure that the residents will have sufficient light and the maintenance remains within limits.

Eindhoven chooses both single and multi-stemmed trees. A prerequisite by the architect was that the trees – which have already been selected – will be decisive and have red or gray leaves. That’s why Eindhoven has chosen varieties like Acer, Betula and Prunus. The color gray-red is also extended in the choice for the ornamental shrubs and the remaining green.

The trees will be secured to the building with steel wires.


The green boxes contain a substrate consisting of lava with four layers:

  1. a layer for water buffering
  2. a layer for retaining the moisture
  3. a layer with nutrient components
  4. a top layer

Each green container is equipped with irrigation mats and drip hoses. Each bin also has its own moisture sensor, to monitor the moisture content. If the sensor detects that there the moisture is critical, the irrigation will start automatically.


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