Elestor introduces cheap hydrogen bromide flow battery

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the working proces of the hydrogen bromine flow battery

In November 2015, a field trial with local energy storage will start.

The hydrogen bromide flow battery (HBr) is a financially attractive battery for the temporary storage of electricity in buildings.

Electricity storage is needed to make optimal use of renewables in the grid. So far, batteries are still expensive. Only with cheap electricity storage, communities will be able to transform towards a smart, green grid.

Elestor Electricity Storage has developed a hydrogen bromide flow battery: a low cost, possible solution (EUR 0.05 / kWh.cycle). Until now, the results have been positive. Even the European Patent Office emphasizes this conclusion in its research report.

Office building test location

Soon the tests will start in an office building

  • Solar panels will supply the office with power
  • IT experts will provide connection to the building systems, the load supply of the batteries and for electric cars
  • Financial experts will study how the battery on a larger scale can be used in buildings and industry

All about the Elestor Electricity Storage




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