Energizing surface cycle lane generates electricity

Sustainable infrastructure - solar power bikers lane generates electricity

This bikers lane with solar cells, generates green energy

Dutch cycle nation the Netherlands gets it’s first solar power generating bicycle path called ‘SolaRoad’. It’s the first Dutch road surface integrated with solar cells.

Bikers can use the lane, while the solar cells are generating green energy for lightning and extra electric power.

The cycle lane in Krommenie – the Netherlands, is a pilot. If successful thousand kilometers of lanes, paths and roads can be transformed to renewable energy power roads. It’s wonderful if we can transform roads to generators of renewable energy and create climate-neutral mobility.

Strong glass?

SolaRoads uses tempered glass that is particularly strong and that is mounted in a concrete housing. The strength of the glass in the housing is being mechanically tested in different ways. For example, extreme traffic loads are simulated in a bench press, pressing different tyre types on the surface with great force.

Also, we drop steel balls and bags with marbles of different sizes and from different heights on the SolaRoad surface, in order to test the resistance to impact loads. This is based on internationally recognized standards. In this way, we test whether the glass is safe for use in practice.

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