Enter and/or redesign the Cherokee-McDonough Challenge

Cherokee McDonough Challenge Finale 2013

Cherokee McDonough Challenge Finale 2013

Cherokee Fund in Raleigh, North Carolina USA, is an investment company that blends: capital with creativity, experience and resolve to provide superior financial, environmental and social returns for investors, partners and communities. One of their side-activities is the Cherokee-McDonough Challenge, for start-ups in sustainability. 



But now, why is this fuzz?

The Cherokee-McDonough Challenge 2014 is postponed to next year. Why? Well, they are talking about “scaling” and my guess is that they mean: up-scaling. And, further more, they mobilize YOU amongst others, to come-up with ideas and comments: Cherokee Challenge. So, there you go. Enter the 2015 Challenge and/or take the challenge to up-scale the The Cherokee-McDonough Challenge itself! BetterWorldSolutions for one will follow and publish both competitions.


The video shows the two finale-video’s 2012 and 2013. One of them is Ginger Krieg Dosier with her growing bricks that we mentioned in our former blog.

Cherokee Fund

Take notice: all their contesters are US-businesses.




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