Expected: battery from SeaSalt

Energy - sustainable battery from seasalt

Energy – sustainable battery from seasalt

This battery from SeaSalt could be the cheapest and most sustainable battery for the storage of wind and solar energy.

The battery has only sustainable materials with sea-salt as most important component and carbon as electrode.

This clean battery is tested as prototype with more than 7,000 cycles turned.

SeaSalt Features

  • fully dischargeable
  • about 1-2 cents per kWh per load cycle
  • about 50 euro per kWh materials, target 100 euro / kWh B2B

Saltwater Battery gets $ 33 mln

The development of sustainable saltwater batteries enters the next level.

The American company Aquion Energy has received $ 33 million extra finance.

Previously, Bill Gates invested in Aquion Energy.

The battery from sea salt has been developed by Dr. Marnex. He saw that the poorest people in Africa, mostly living in rural areas, needed a cheap and clean battery for the storage of solar power. With this battery they have!

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