Fast Charging Stations for EV in Germany

Fastned Fast Charging Station

Fastned Fast Charging Station

Germany is planning 25 fast charging stations for Electrical Vehicles.The electric vehicle fast-charging station firm Fastned has been granted a total of €4.1 million by the German government. 

The subsidy is part of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure stimulation program.

Fast Charging

The program is designed to reduce the investment risk associated with investing in infrastructure before the EVs are actually there. This enables companies like Fastned to invest ahead of the market and have fast-charging infrastructure in place even before large numbers of EVs will hit the roads.

As such, the program  is intended to solve the ‘chicken-and-egg’ problem whereby people are hesitant to buy an EV when there is no charging infrastructure and investors are hesitant to invest in EV infrastructure when there are only few EVs.


Earlier, Fastned announced that they will build fast-charging stations for 300 charging points in Londen. Therefore the company signed the agreement with the Transport Administration in Londen. In order to reduce the air pollution in the city the 300 points should be ready by 2020.

EU-wide with 1 app

Ultimately, the Fastned wants to realize a network of fast-charging stations throughout Europe. Previously, the Dutch company already announced its cooperation with industry partners in France, Austria, Switzerland and Norway. As a result, electric drivers can then use one pass or app at charging stations from all five countries.

The goal of Fastned is simple: They want 100% e-mobility electrification possible with 0% emissions. To reach this, the company is connecting all new stations to the much less vulnerable medium voltage grid, supplied by green power from solar panels and wind farms. The company expects that within 5 years, the fast-charging stations will offer 300 KW as a new standard. As least in Germany where the German consortium CharIN is lobying for. This is needed because the car batteries will increase up to 100 kWh.


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