Finland could stay warm with Solar Power

Finland could stay warm with Solar PowerIn Finland, households could stay warm with Solar Heat.

Solar heating could provide between 53% and 81% of annual domestic heating energy consumption according to a new study, done by the Aalto University in Finland.

The press release provides more:

  • The researchers calculated the amount of solar heat obtained for heating the households when excess energy was stored for use during cold periods
  • The researchers calculated the amount of heat obtained for practical use when energy for heating households was accumulated using solar heating and the accumulated heat was stored for use during cold periods.
  • In their calculations, the researchers studied the use of both above-ground water storage tanks for short-term heat storage and a borehole storage suited for seasonal storage.
  • The results depended on the method of how the heat pumps and the water storage tanks and the borehole storage for storing heat were used together.


“In Finland, more than 80% of the energy consumption in households goes to heating buildings and water, and this is on the increase. Solar energy offers economically sensible solutions for the collection of energy for this purpose, and for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, especially in southern Finland where the majority of the population lives,” noted Kai Sirén, Professor at Aalto University.

As the findings of the new study are somewhat inexact and deal with broad generalities, the researchers involved are planning to continue their work and to next conduct real-world measurements.

“We are talking about a computational result which includes factors of uncertainty even if the initial values have been carefully selected and the simulations conducted meticulously,” explained Sirén.

So, we’ll have to wait to see what the real-world options are … or not — those of you in the region who want to experiment can of course do so now!

Link to the study


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