First Bio-Generator Plant in The Netherlands

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Bio-Generator Plant in The Netherlands

Marshall Energy starts a plant in Eindhoven, The Netherlands producing it’s highly efficient Bio-Generators for the world. 

This plant will be capable of producing 84,000 Mobile Power Stations, each year when it is fully operational. During the first period Marshall will produce the M4P2.

The M4P2 is the smallest Mobile Power Station, capable of producing 2 MW of electricity per hour using less than 400 liters of Bio-Fuel per 24 hours. When the generators are stapled, they can produce up to 5 times the energy with the same 400 liters of bio-fuel a day.

To produce the same yield, a traditional generator would consume more than 5 times 8,000 liters = 40,000 liters of bio-diesel. A considerable difference! A small M4P2 unit is three times more efficient than a large scale power plant.

Sustainable bioenergy has the potential to be a game-changer in the global energy mix. Sustainably sourced biomass, such as residues, and the use of more efficient technology and processes can shift biomass energy production from traditional to modern and sustainable forms, simultaneously reducing air pollution and saving lives.

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The Marshall Energy Global plant will be hiring 500 people during the start-up phase, and hiring up to 15,000 people once the Marshall Energy Global plant is fully operational.




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