First hydrogen passenger train

First hydrogen passenger train

Alstom presented the Coradia iLint, the first fuel cell propulsion train

The first hydrogen passenger train will be launched in Germany next year.

This Coradia iLint is green alternative for old diesel trains. It’s CO2 emission free and is also called the Hydrail. 

Green powered train

The hydrogen powered train may not be a high speed train, but it is very quiet, emission free and because of its much larger fuel capacity, it does not face the refueling issues that plague hydro-cars. The motor gains its power from a hydrogen tank and a fuel cell which converts hydrogen’s chemical energy into electricity.

Video of the hydrogen passenger train


Any energy not used immediately, will be stored in lithium batteries, attached to the wagon bottom. The train is carbon-neutral, as the hydrogen it will use is already created as a waste product (ex. by the chemical industry) and it will only emit steam and condensed water as a by-product.


Also, in comparison to electric trains, it is more versatile as it can also run on non-electrified rails. This new 300 passenger train, called Coradia iLint, has been developed over the past two years by French company Alstrom and is set to run the Boxtehude – Cuxhaven line starting in December 2017.

Alstom is proud to launch this transportation innovation which will complete its Coadia range of regional trains. Transport authorities in Baden-Wurttemburg, Hesse and North Rine Westphalia also want such trains for their states. Alstrom says other countries like the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway have also expressed interest.


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