Flexible Flood Barrier

flood barrier

This multi functional flood barrier offers the ability to change the height of the flood barrier.

This is a great low cost, green and rapid solution for a new river barrier. 

The UK suffered from floods in 2014. Neptune has an answer to it.

This barrier does not have to be knocked down and rebuilt. Its height can easily be increased on site responding to any unexpected increase in sea levels whenever they might occur.

With a minimum lifespan of 75 years the Neptune System:

  • Has the same strength and resilience as concrete
  • Provides substantial cost savings
  • Can be installed 3 times faster
  • Suits any ground conditions
  • Is much less harmful to the environment
  • Generates electricity from wind and/or sun power

Flexible height

The system offers the ability to change the height of the barrier which, significantly reduces the risk that the barrier will become inadequate over time. A highly valuable feature given the varying and unpredictable projections in rising sea levels.
The Neptune System can also be used to increase the height of existing barriers which have fallen victim to an underestimation of future sea levels.

Five million homes in England are at risk of flooding and the government’s own assessment shows climate change is increasing the risk by driving more extreme weather.



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