Flood overview USA 2018; we can’t ignore the climate change

Flood Washington USA 2018

Flood Washington USA 2018

There was some historic rainfall and flooding through the United States in 2018. At a glance, historic events (1,000-year rainfall events), have occurred at least five times this year across the country!

These have lasted for at least 24-hour periods, but some have lasted for longer. According to weather.com, here are five notable, long-duration, high-impact rainfall events that happened this year.

Flooding is one of the most dangerous types of weather events, and since 2015 more than 100 fatalities have occurred annually because of floods. Climate changes and heavy rainfall will likely increase the trend. This means that communities who have experienced flooding in the past need to be prepared and stock up on flooding supplies. Can’t we avoid flooding? Not always but there are systems and products that may help you, your village and the region to keep your feet dry. Have a look here

Flood overview USA 2018

Ellicott City, Maryland, May 2018

While this flooding didn’t occur over a 24-hour period, it was the second massive flood event for this county in two years. The city received more than six inches of rain in three hours, and the surrounding area saw as much as 12 inches. Flash flooding ran through part of town knocking out anything it found.

Northern Wisconsin/Northern Michigan Rainfall, June 14th-18th

There were multiple rounds of rain that hit the Wisconsin and Michigan area throughout Father’s Day weekend. Flash flooding started in Houghton, Michigan and more than 6 inches of rain fell in under 9 hours. Roads were either covered by flood waters or torn up due to the erosion from runoff. Wisconsin was also hit in this same storm, and experienced upwards of 15 inches of rain. Roads washed away and several rivers reached record crests.

Colorado Flooding, August 7th

Colorado is typically known for it’s summertime hail storms, but occasionally they see extreme amounts of rain as well. Thunderstorms over Las Animas County, northeast of Trinidad, Colorado, experienced 6-8 inches of rainfall.

Madison, Wisconsin Area Flooding, August 21st

Wisconsin found itself very wet in mid-August when flooding reached a climax on August 21st. Madison experienced 10-15 inches of rain in a 24-hour period. There were fatalities as the area experienced flash flooding from local creeks.

Chesapeake Flooding Before Florence, September 10th

Even before Florence made landfall in North Carolina, heavy rain poured over the communities along the southern Chesapeake Bay. On September 10th, more than 10 inches fell in both Kilmarnock and Jamesville, Virginia. There was also heavy rain across the interior Northeast on this same day leaving Pittsburgh with more than four inches.

Hurricane Florence, September 14th-17th

Florence dropped more than 30 inches of rain as it rampaged through the Carolinas and at least 20 inches of rain over an area the size of New Jersey. Major river flooding lasted in the Carolinas for more than ten days. It was one of the costliest disasters in the United States, and it took many lives.



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