Forget PET, forever! It’s PEF from now on!

100% Bio-bottle from Avantium

100% Bio-bottle from Avantium

Here at BetterWorldSolutions we are proud, but also flabbergasted: Avantium, one of our partners, has teamed up with, amongst others, the Coca-Cola Company for using their 100% biobased PEF bottle. No, that wasn’t a typo for writing PET.

Actually, PET-material is far from biobased. But PEF or PolyEthylene-Furanoate is! Avantium’s XYX-technology (pronounce as ~ick-cies) transforms plant material into PEF.

After fifteen years of process development and refining, Avantium finally takes PEF ‘to the mattresses’ and strikes gold. That isn’t that remarkable if one considers that PEF-bottles for instance are very strong (so thinner, thus less heavier), the barrier properties are splendid (i.e. good conservation values -> longer shelf life) and after usage PEF is compatible with existing recycling streams.

Besides this:

  • PEF reduces up to 70% CO2-exhaust with comparable PET-products.
  • And PEF is cost-competitive with PET

So what do you know? A true BetterWorldSolution PEF is! Too good to be true? Well see for yourself, surf for yourself. Guaranteed, you are watching the early childhood, not to say ‘birth’, of a product that replaces everything you know as durable plastics.

In the nearby future: car interiors, garden furniture, silly soccer world champion gadgets and-so-on: it’s PEF that we are using. And you and us can say: we were there.


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