Futuristic Straddling Bus

3D bus

If the straddling bus will be charged with the help of electricity then the roof of the buses can be connected with the electrical powering channels

A giant bus that drive over cars to save space? Youzhou Song presented this futuristic concept. China will build some huge buses that will allow smaller cars to pass by under them in order to relief urban traffic.

It’s biggest advantages are: saving space and car emissions. This transport concept drives on electricity and solar power.

3D Bus

With the globalization at its peak, the global cities are finding it difficult to match up with the increasing demand of transportation. This has led to an extensive research to develop an ideal mode of transport which will not only meet the demands of the people, but at the same time decrease the emission of green house gases. These researches gave birth to a master plan known as the straddling or 3D Bus.

The ideal of this concept of transports is developed by Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment and Co. Ltd;

the model of this bus appears like a subway which runs on the road. It’s about 4.5m above from the road and there are two levels, where the passengers can travel on the first level and the vehicles which are smaller than 2m can go below it.

All Electric

The straddling bus is powered by solar energy and electricity as well.

Lets have a look at the video

  • It holds the average speed of about 60km/hr
  • It has the ability to carry 1200-1400 passengers at once
  • It can run only along a fixed route, designed as per the mechanism of the bus
  • The bus functions with the help of the two straddles that are present at its edges
  • The overall height ranges from 4 to 4.5m which is 14.8 feet approx.

If the straddling bus will be charged with the help of electricity then the roof of the buses can be connected with the electrical powering channels through overhead lines or any other electrical device. However, this can be very well supplemented with photovoltaic panels and large batteries capable of storing power.


  • Working module or construction can be completed in one year for 40Km
  • It is powered by renewable sources of energy like solar and electricity
  • It does not occupy spaces on the road which drastically reduces traffic jams in global countries
  • No parking space is needed for this bus as it can remain straddling on the air without affecting other public parking areas
  • The interior is just like any normal buses which decreases the fear of passengers who would travel on this bus.
  • One straddling bus has the ability of replace about 40 conventional buses in one year
  • Cost of making these buses is just 10% of what is used in the making of subways
  • It can save 860 tons of fuel which is equivalent to 2,640 tons of carbon emission.


HS Future


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