G7 stops rising temperatures. Call for cities

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Just ahead of the major negotiations on an intended climate accord, the G7 reached an agreement on rising temperatures with maximum 2 degrees Celsius, compared with 1990!

A great advantage for Industries, cities, citizens and politics to start emission reductions pledges.

The aim is to continue to strengthen momentum ahead of the climate conference scheduled for Paris in December this year.


After the Climate Summit New York, a lot of ambitious goals and initiatives were submitted. These actions show that governments are not alone in their efforts to bend the emissions curve and make the world a safer place.

Climate leaders: Mayors and citizens

At a conference of the UN last week, John Kerry said: “A lot of mayors around the world are ahead of their national governments, and a lot of local citizens are well ahead of their elected leaders. I think we need to find a way to highlight that.

100% renewable cities

Hundreds of cities plan to take actions around inventorying their greenhouse gas emissions and then will come up with plans for how to cut this output.

More than 50 cities have announced they are on their way to 100% renewable energy including San Diego and San Francisco in California, Sydney Australia, Vancouver Canada and Copenhagen. Some are aiming for 2020, others by 2030 or 2035.

Some, like Reykjavik, Iceland, are already there for electricity and heat. The entire country of Costa Rica was powered by renewables for 75 consecutive days this year.

Associations of local governments involved are:

  • C40
  • United Cities and Local Governments
  • Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI)

The collaborating cities will strengthen their voices during the COP 21 negotiations in Paris.


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2 Responses to G7 stops rising temperatures. Call for cities

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  2. Ian Wylie says:

    When will people realise that yes, the climate is warming, but there’s little we can do to reverse that. The climate warms and ices over a 20,000-year cycle due to minor aberrations in the planet’s orbit and tilt inflicted by asteroids and coments before there was any climate to buffer them. We are well into a warming segment now, witness the Arctic melt that caused the North Sea, the desertification of the Roman Empire’s prime source of wheat, its North African provinces, and many other instances; and, now, evidence of massive Arctic ice-melts; already Pacific and Indian Ocean islands are threatened. Within two decades parts of London and New York will be uninhabitable.

    But we cannot reverse such a planetary cycle. So instead of squandering resources in futile attempts to reverse the irreversible through ever more costly reductions in carbon emissions, we should be preparing this and future generations for life in a warming climate, – a far greater test of our economies and politics than reducing emissions

    Ian Wylie
    CEO Trevenning Water

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