GE MicroGrid Solution

GE MicroGrid Solution

One of many battery-system components that will help microgrids.

General Electric (GE) published a MicroGrid architectures for distribution companies and MicroGrid operators.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) defines a MicroGrid as a group of “distinct distributed resources such as generators or loads”, located within close geographical proximity of each other, “so that they represent a single generator or load to the wider electricity system.”

As for GE, a MicroGrid has 3 main criteria described as well as power criteria:

  1. a MicroGrid has a size around 1 to 50MW and is a district, an island, a rural area
  2. a NanoGrid has a size below 1MW to 100kW and is a group of building or houses
  3. as PicoGrid has a size below 100kW and is a Tertiary Building or a small community of houses

In the white paper, GE describes 3 business cases

  1. Enable high distributed generation penetration into local distribution grid nodes or islands.
  2. Modernize industrial & logistic areas and create Business Eco Districts.
  3. Enable cost effective access to electricity in fast growing demand areas

Layered architecture

The GE Concept of a microgrid is based on a step-by-step pragmatic and powerful idea.

  • Layer one
    The first step is about creating autonomous MicroGrids that manage in real time local energy balance and grid operations.It enables the integration of field devices, real time data concentration, and unification of MicroGrid data from a wide range of field devices. DCM495 also provides a local HMI for local MicroGrid management, as well as interfaces with MicroGrid cloud applications for remote management.
    The grid balance can be done using network energy storage systems
  • Layer two
    The second step is to improve performance and build new services for MicroGrid stakeholders.
    The second step is done using a shared IT host in a cloud environment to control multiple MicroGrids, an emerging solution also called ‘virtual grid management’.

In the paper, GE mentions also some microgrid references in France, the USA and in Singapore.

Link to the paper



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