General Electric largest energy storage project in California

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GE provides the largest power storage plant in California

General Electric (GE) will provide Coachella Energy Storage Partners with a 30 MW battery contract.

The plant will be located in California’s Imperia Valley.

The Facility will aid grid flexibility and increase reliability on the IID network by providing solar ramping, frequency regulation, power balancing and black start capability for an adjacent gas turbine.

The construction starts early 2016 and will be operational in the autumn of 2016.

GE Battery tech

Connected Lithium-ion batteries

GE will provide an integrated energy storage solution, using

The plant will be operated by ZGlobal, for the first 18 months after which control will be transferred to the IDD.

Game charger

This project is a game charger to the energy industry and will be one of the largest battery storage plants in the west of the USA. This is a full system performance, allowing customers to match power production with demand in real time and utilize grid assets more efficiently.


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