Geothermal energy from old, closed coal mines


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The energy heathens (and cools) 300 houses and 150,000 m2 of commercial buildings

MijnWater has won the European Geothermal Innovation Award 2015. The price is an important incentive to further develop an intelligent hybrid energy network in Holland.

This smart innovators presented their solution, extracting energy from the water has collected in former coal mines. Naturally, the water is heating up in the deeper layers.

The energy heats (and cools) 300 houses and 150,000 m2 of commercial buildings.

MijnWater received the prestigious award from the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) during the congress GEOTHERM in Offenburg (Germany).

Geothermal grid

The network was developed into a thermally smart grid, in which buildings are connected. The buildings can exchange heath and cold through the grid. The buildings are equipped with additional energy buffers and multiple renewable generation sources such as solar panels, photovoltaic cells, biomass, waste heat, as well as waste heat, etc.

Because of that, the CO2 footprint of the buildings connected, is reduced by 30 to 60%.

Energy neutral region

In the next steps the company wil develop high-energy buffers at region level as well as optimize the energy flows through advanced control software.

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