Ghana invests in Tidal energy

Underwater hydro plant Ghana

Underwater hydro plant Ghana

About 1 million households in Ghana wil profit from energy out of the sea in the future.

Ghana harnesses tidal energy to generate 1,000MW of power from the Ada Esuary. Therefore Swede Energy has signed an agreement with TC Energy Ltd in Ghana to jointly develop the largest wave power project in the world. 

5 mw to start

Tidal energy is created through the use of generators. Large underwater turbines, placed in areas with high tidal movements, are designed to capture the kinetic motion of the ebbing and surging of ocean tides to produce electricity. TC Energy will produce five megawatts of power by December 2014, and periodically upgrade its capacity by 200MW until it reaches the intended 1,000MW by 2016.

George Marfo, manager of the Electricity Company of Ghana Training School, said this project was part of the electricity company’s decision to engage power producers to generate sufficient electricity for consumers and businesses across Ghana.

The technology involved in harnessing tidal wave power has been used in Peru, where the tides aren’t as strong as those at Ada Estuary. Marfo said that studies conducted near the Estuary have confirmed that it is a suitable location to build an underwater hydro plant.


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