New Global Centre on Climate Adaptation

New Global Centre on Climate Adaptation

Between the years 1986 and 2006, Toronto experienced not one but eight storms of the magnitude that had been predicted to occur no more than once in a quarter-century. The Finch Avenue Washout was the capper, a one-in-100-years storm for which the city’s infrastructure was woefully under-designed.

The Netherlands is to host a new Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaption (GCEA), set up by the Dutch and Japanese governments in collaboration with the UN environment programme (UNEP).

Paris agreement

The centre will advise countries, businesses and organizations on how to adapt their practices to comply with the Paris climate change agreement, which comprises measures designed to keep the global temperature increase below 2 degrees.

Last year it was ratified by 193 countries.


Worldwide, there are increased risks of natural disasters and other problems caused by climate change. The world’s leading knowledge countries will advice organizations and businesses on climate adaptation, so that the world will be better equipped to bear the consequences of climate change.

The Dutch minister of Environment said in a statement: “If we do not properly deal with climate change, the risks such as natural disasters, social and economic setbacks and political tensions will increase.

Our survival depends on learning to live on a hotter planet with more extreme weather, erratic rainfall and rising sea levels,’ said Ibrahim Thiaw, deputy chief of UN environment agency. ‘This centre is a welcome step, but other countries need to follow this example and urgently invest in climate adaptation.’

International collaboration

The center will bring together a wide network of international partners, including leading research institutes, companies, NGOs, local and national governments, international organizations and the financial sector.


The historic Climate Accord in Paris did make climate change adaptation world a top priority. The GCEA will contribute to a climate resilient world. The global leading knowledge center will support global parties who are struggling to bring climate adaptation into effective practice.

The transfer of knowledge on projects in areas such as infrastructure and agriculture, will make the world more resilient to climate change.


Centre location

The location of the new centre has not yet been made public.

Participants in the Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation include:

  • the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL)
  • National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan
  • UN Environment, Morocco, Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT)
  • S & P Global
  • Delta Alliance
  • Stockholm Environment Institute
  • acclimatise
  • City of Rotterdam
  • Netherlands Water Partnership
  • MCII
  • World Resources Institute
  • Wageningen University and Research
  • UNEP DTU Partnership
  • SNV Netherlands Development Organisation


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