Green WasteWater treatment

WasteWater treatment MEGAT – Multistage Energy Generation & Aeration Technology

OMiOM Technologies presents ‘MEGAT’ multistage water treatment technology with energy re-generation capabilities.

MEGAT can eliminate 99.99% bacterias without any chemical. MEGAT aerates water with huge volume of oxygen and simultaneously regenerates up to 70% of consumed green energy.

WasteWater treatment advantages

  • The UV disinfection process powered by re-generated energy provides high intensity UV exposure to every drop of water killing 99.99% bacterias and viruses in a single pass.
  • MEGAT can be installed in STP plants, wells, lakes, ponds, dams, flowing rivers, canals etc.
  • The system design can be scaled down to 0.5 KW or scaled up to 1 MW and over.
  • MEGAT’s energy re-generation capabilities help cut down power bills by up to 60%.
  • Renewable energy can be used for further aeration or further treatment


A 10KW pilot was successfully tested. National – International certifications are in process. MEGAT is patent pending. Onsite visits for live demos shall be available soon.

JV proposal with national and international companies for manufacturing and deployment of MEGAT are being processed. MEGAT shall be made available to NGO’s on NO-PROFIT basis


Technology videos and certifications: omiomtechnologies

Mr. Dilip Bhanushali


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