BetterWorldSolutions is a platform for innovative products and projects. These are our guidelines:

  • Everything on BetterWorldSolutions must be a product. A product will eventually be completed, and something will be produced as a result.
  • Every product on BetterWorldSolutions must fit into one of our categories. Our categories are Water, Sustainable world and Energy.

Are those the only guidelines?

Those are the main two, but read on for specific uses of BetterWorldSolutions that are not allowed, and note that Hardware and Software products have additional guidelines below. We don’t curate projects based on taste. Instead, we do a quick check to make sure they meet these guidelines.

Who can create a project on BetterWorldSolutions?

Products are open to entrepreneurs over the age of 18 and based all over the world. Businesses, nonprofits and other organizations can also use BetterWorldSolutions to demonstrate their product, ask questionss to het BetterWorldSolutions network and launch new concepts/ideas.

What is not allowed?

  • BetterWorldSolutions cannot be used to raise money for concepts
  • Businesses cannot resell items or offer rewards produced by others
  • BetterWorldSolutions cannot be used to buy real estate
  • Hardware and software guidelines

Show your work

Products must be clear about their state of development. Products must show details (videos, photos) of their progress so far, along with demonstrating the product’s current functionality. Products must explain how the final result is likely to differ from the prototype and an estimated timeline.

About these guidelines

BetterWorldSolutions mission is to give entrepreneurs international exposure for their amazing products on the themes Water, Sustainable World and Energy. We will adjust these guidelines — to add more of them to fit new uses, or to simplify them as we learn. The guidelines are never perfect, but we care deeply about trying to get them right. We aim to be as open as possible while protecting the business and creative spirit of BetterWorldSolutions in order to make prosperous, future-proof communities across the world. Thanks for reading.






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