fresh water technologies

Because methods for purification of water are just as different as recipes for favorite dishes, We have many fresh water solutions.
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BetterWorldSolutions collected products, trending concepts and more. For You! To build the cooler, healthier and cheaper city of the future. Every dollar or euro spent, you will earn three in return.

The climate is changing.
In this dossier: 4 for managing climate risks, overview latest flood protecting solutions, Water storage systems and promising flood systems.

Since 2015, Brazilian solutions are considered at the federal level. And not just for drinking water shortage. The water crisis also leads to an energy crisis. Have a look at the whitepapers


ParkRoyal Hotel Singapore

Let's get the industry involved. For example. This ParkRoyal Hotel in Singapore is constructed with 30% energy saving and all the rainwater is collected from the roof surface and stored in a water tank. The hotel laundry is saving 45% water!

Water savings – get the industry involved


clean water solutions

Growing water scarcity is one of the leading challenges for sustainable development. But we collected some clean water solutions which can help to make a better world.

Flood Barriers

Last winter, more than 15,000 homes and businesses in 8 council areas in the USA were flooded. Let's have a look at flood solutions.