The American architect William McDonough + Partners, developed a new full service cradle to cradle business park with 13 offices, greenhouses, sport facilities and more

megacities, challenges for mayors

With innovative technologies, megacities can become more environmentally friendly, increase the quality of life for their residents, and cut costs – all at the same time.

Green & Blue Cities

Green Cities are Happy Cities. Green cities use renewable energy, build with natural construction materials, save energy and store water.

Megacities need strong visions and models to effectively compete on the global stage to respond to the needs of people, the environment, energy and other resources.


CIRCULAR ECONOMY: cheaper resources, more jobs

The opportunities of a circular economy are already proven in a lot of research reports. The most important: Carbon, Jobs and Resources

Circular Economy

  • EU Materials Passport Platform ready for testing

    A new tool for materials banking across Europe, the Materials Passports Platform prototype, is live.  The new BAMB Materials Passports platform will fill a gap in the marketplace by providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ to describe Circular Economy value across the building cycle, especially for using and re-using components and materials, and reducing generation of waste.

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On this page: 4 steps for managing climate risks, Trends and Finding Reports, Overview latest flood protecting solutions, Promising systems and Lessons Learned

fresh water technologies

Because methods for purification of water are just as different as recipes for favorite dishes, We have many fresh water solutions. Take a look.

BetterWorldSolutions collected products, trending concepts and more. For You! To build the cooler, healthier and cheaper city of the future. Every dollar or euro spent, you will earn three in return.

Since 2015, Brazilian solutions are considered at the federal level. And not just for drinking water shortage. The water crisis also leads to an energy crisis. Have a look at the whitepapers



Plastic Soup Solutions

For the first time, it’s calculated how much plastic ends in the oceans: at least 5 billion tons a year. In this dossier, you will find products, blogs and what you can do to stop the ocean’s pollution.

Catching, recycling and reducing

  • Kenya: Plastic Trash Used In Construction Materials

    Kenya is the home to fair numbers of sea turtles which are threatened by the tons of plastic trash and debris which washes into the sea. But not if Sam Ngumba Ngaruiya succeeds. Samuel quickly recognized the overwhelming litter problem in Kenya. Everywhere you look in areas where people live, there is rubbish by the […]

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Blue Ion Continuum battery

The eight kilowatt-hour Blue Ion Continuum battery is a potential game changer. Let's give an overview of all battery systems available. From small to huge.


We can transform to a robust and adaptable structure of power networks, making local energy demand more flexible with less carbon emissions.

Pros and Cons of Renewables

The last few years, more and more researchers discover new approaches, technics and improvements to all kind of renewable energy sources. Let's have a look

solar power

It’s an exciting time to work in renewable energy. On a daily basis, we hear about new developments and ground-breaking innovations

Green Power

  • Saudi Arabia invests in CSP

    Saudi Arabia has big plans for Renewable Energy with a target of 9.5GW by 2023. The government intends to invest between $30 billion and $50 billion across 60 projects, with 1 GW of capacity earmarked for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), according to the Renewable Energy Project Development Office (REPDO), established in February 2017 to implement […]

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