Business applications – smart controllers

Technology and investments in Smart Grid business applications includes sensors, smart meters and monitoring technology.

Business applications - smart controllers

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consumer smart meter

Methods of engaging customers in demand response efforts include offering time-based rates such as critical peak pricing, variable peak pricing and critical peak rebates.

Customer applications – smart meters

EU power dispatch model

Most analyses of the future European energy system conclude that in order to achieve energy and climate change policy goals it will be necessary to ramp up the use of renewable energy sources.

EU Power Dispatch

EUPowerDispatch is a European electricity transmission network model, to analyse the impacts of the future increase of variable renewable energy on the European cross-border transmission capacity needs and future plans.
The Model can be defined as a minimum cost dispatch model whose optimization is coded in the General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) using CPLEX, a high-performance mathematical programming solver from IBM. The off-line input/output data processing is performed using Matlab.

smart grid reloading model

In the Future, Vehicle Batteries Could Provide Grid Storage and even help to balance the grid by recharging at cheap power hours

Smart Reloading for grid balance

ResLoadSim is a tool for residential electric load simulation. The program allows predicting residential loads. It uses a probabilistic approach based on statistics to predict the electric load profiles of individual households by summing up all appliances consumption in a household.

Beside using the tool for load prediction it is also possible to study the potential for load shifting in private households by implementing different control mechanisms based e.g. on variable pricing. This is instrumental to evaluate the potential of smart homes in the smart grid, which is important when defining regulations for the future electricity market. 


IDE4L FP7 project model

Hardware-in-the-loop real-time simulation of an active distribution grid

IDE4L FP7 project model

Performance of the grid model is shown through sample real-time simulation results and a hardware-in-the-loop setup for PMU-based grid monitoring applications.

The model was simulated in real-time using the OPAL-RT simulator and was utilized in a hardware-in-the-loop setup to develop grid monitoring applications that exploit PMU measurements.

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Siemens announced a Smart Grid Architecture Model (SGAM) which it is promoting as an open standards technical model for smart power generation, distribution and use.

SGAM Model for Smart Grids

With the Smart Grid Architecture Model (SGAM), Siemens has developed an open standards model whereby power supply companies and industry can display aspects of smart grid systems. The model can be used for the visualization, validation, and configuration of smart grid projects, and also for standardization within smart grids.

Link to the SGAM Model