Houton ®: ‘green’ concrete with wood

Sustainable architecture, concreet with wood dust

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Houton ® is concrete in which wood has been processed.

This raw material combines the positive properties of wood and concrete. Wood does not normally bond with cement because it is an organic material.

However, by adding Megatrax® to the product it is possible to make concrete containing 30 to 90% wood.

Houton ® solution

This results in a weight reduction of around 30 to 50 percent compared to traditional concrete.

  • Wood-cement is therefore much lighter, making it not only economically attractive but also interesting in terms of health and safety − for example, the lighter materials cost less to transport.
  • In addition, Houton has three times the life span of normal wood. The use of residual wood in the product also means that it is sustainable and environmentally-friendly.
  • Furthermore, it is also eligible for the cradle-to-cradle certificate, because it has been upgraded due to the residual wood and it is fully recyclable up to the end of its life span.

Houton is softer than ordinary concrete. And unlike traditional concrete, you can use nails and screws in the material without first having to drill holes or insert plugs. It costs less to produce Houton than to produce concrete.


  • Processing of (residual) wood in concrete
  • Weight reduction of approx. 30-50 percent
  • 3 x longer life span than wood
  • Sustainable and environmentally-friendly
  • Eligible for cradle-to-cradle certificate
  • Easy to install using nails and screws
  • Cost-effective compared to concrete.

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