How can we make our economy circular and resource efficient?

Circular Economy, reduces, remanufacture, repair, reuse, recycle your waste

Circular Economy: reduce, remanufacture, repair, reuse, recycle your waste

Guided by diverse policies, European countries have improved waste management.
The manufacturing and service sector waste declined by about a quarter in 2004– 2012, while municipal waste generation fell 2 %.
Along with increased recycling, these trends helped reduce landfilling

Nevertheless, progress to EU waste targets is mixed. Achieving the EU’s long-term objective of establishing a circular economy will require far-reaching technological, behavioral and organizational changes.

The green economy as an integrating framework for policies on material use

This is what we can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save our planet.

5 actions needed

  • Think how to prevent waste already when shopping
  • Repair, remanufacture and reuse products, buy second-hand and sell or give away things you don’t need
  • Sort, recycle and compost
  • Waste can be turned into valuable raw materials and energy
  • As little as possible should end up in landfills
circular economy, recysling, green economy, reuse, remanufacture

The green economy as an integrating framework for policies on material use

Resourse efficiency

The EU has adopted two new energy targets:

  1. Increasing renewables to minimum 27 % of EU energy use
  2. improving energy efficiency by a minimum of 27 % by 2030

Remanufacturing, reuse and recyling helps to create a circular economy. Think before you buy. And even better: your waste is getting valuable. To solve nutrients, precious metals and other raw materials and of course, renewable energy.

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