How to boost your creative mind?

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Climate change needs new thinking

For international businesses as well as for start ups, it’s hard to stay creative and innovative.

It’s more than only think, watch, discuss and start.

These tips can be a helpful way to start a discussion about what it means to innovate. 


  1. RISK
    Take risks
  2. TRY
    Try lots of ways
  3. FLIP
    Flip your plan, start from the end
  4. SOLVE
    Solve a simple every day problem
  5. GROW
    Grow with each approach
    Find what inspires you
  7. LEARN
    Learn more about the failures
    Continue to explore wherever you are
  9. THINK
    Take time to think
  10. ASK
    Ask random people about things
  11. OPEN
    Be open to ideas
    Boldly express ideas
  13. PRESS
    Press into an idea. Draw it out, share it, rework it
  14. CHANGE
    Embrace change with an excited heart
  15. DREAM
    Dream, record your dream, put it into action
  16. SHARE
    Share your ideas with others. Work together
  17. DRAW
    Draw out what the problem is. Draw out the solutions
  18. PURSUE
    Pursue innovation. Don’t wait for it to come
  19. REACH
    Reach beyond your own abilities
    Identify ways to improve every aspect of your life
  21. DARE
    Dare to challenge the accepted
  22. CREATE
    Create an environment of innovation. Make it the norm
    Surround yourself with innovation
  24. SHARE
    Share ownership of innovation

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