Hydrogen cars in London

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London Mayer Boris Johnson, made a deal with Toyota, bringing 12 hydrogen cars to the UK Capital by the end of 2015

Boris Johnson, mayor of London, announced that some of the world’s most advanced new hydrogen cars will come to London. He is promoting the cleanest, greenest, energy technology for the future of transport and infrastructure in the capital.

Johnson: “It’s tremendous to drive the hydrogen powered Toyota.”

Toyota made a deal to deliver 12 brand new Mirai hydrogen powered vehicles to London. Four will be taken on by Transport for London to assist with essential engineering and maintenance work carried out between bus stops and Tube stations.

The Mirai is the first hydrogen fuel cell sedan vehicle to be commercially mass produced. By the end of 2015,all 12 of the vehicles will be driving in London, used by private hire fleets and green minded businesses.

Toyota has named London as a key city for early adoption of hydrogen vehicles this year and next, given the Mayor’s commitment to develop the necessary infrastructure and encourage motorists to move over to cleaner cars. To serve these vehicles, the HyFIVE-project will create refueling station networks in three parts of Europe; London, the Copenhagen area and a southern region incorporating Munich, Stuttgart, Innsbruck and Bolzano. The project’s scale and pan-European breadth will allow it to tackle all of the final technical and social issues to enable the commercial roll-out of hydrogen vehicles and refuelling infrastructure across Europe.

Johnson:“It is fantastic that London will benefit from these new state-of-the-art hydrogen vehicles. By embracing this technology of the future, we aim to consolidate hydrogen’s role as a practical alternative fuel for the 21st century and beyond. I am sure that Transport for London will provide the ideal environment for us to see everything the Mirai can do and, in doing so, take another great step towards improving air quality in our city and protecting the health of Londoners.”

Transport for London and the city it serves will provide the ideal environment for Mirai to demonstrate the significant potential of hydrogen as a practical alternative fuel for the next century and beyond. There are currently seven zero-emission hydrogen passenger cars in London, but with the arrival of the Mirai and further cars expected from South Korean motor manufacturer Hyundai this number is set to more than triple in the coming year.

Hydrogen Infra Japan is growing fast

The UK is one of the first global markets to be ready to take on this type of technology. More than 300 of the cars are now on the streets in Japan where infrastructure for the cars is rapidly growing. It is also being adopted in some parts of the United States as well as Germany, Denmark and Belgium.

Zero CO2

Hydrogen powered vehicles emit no emissions from the tailpipe, just water vapour, and are on a par with conventional vehicles in terms of size, driving range, speed and refuelling time. Hydrogen can be produced through a wide variety of renewable energy sources including solar and wind power. As well as being exempt from the congestion charging fee in Central London, hydrogen vehicles pay no road tax and there is currently no duty on hydrogen as a road fuel.


Everything you wanted to know about the Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Sedan. Watch the video


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