Hydrogen can be stored as a powder

Hydrogen as a powderIf the heavy industry can use hydrogen as an energy source, it’s a giant step in the fight against the warming from the earth. 

The Dutch inventor Gerard Luchtigheid is about to produce efficient hydrogen which can be stored as powder.

When he succeeds, this technology will be an important game changer for the International energy transition.

Hydrogen powder was already known but the inventor is currently developing a special technique for releasing the energy.
He uses a sodium boron compound (NaBH4), or Ultra Pure Water, as he told us. The acid causes the reaction to start and that supplies electricity: enough power to supply heavy industries and cars.

H2 Fuel System

As a car fuel, the powder and Ultra Pure Water can be applied to cars as a muddy substance via existing gas station infrastructures. There are no hydrogen stations needed, a huge advance, because at the moment there are only a few hydrogen stations in the world. And the price is also considerable: the price for a kilo of H2Fuel would be about € 1.65; enough for 240 kilometers, about 150 miles.

Read more about the technology on H2Fuel.nl

Hydrogen acceptance

The big challenge for the team is to create common trust. His hydrogen technology has to be accepted as a new standard. But the interest of businesses, including energy companies, oil companies and chemical companies is big. Also, several foreign universities are very curious.

Prof. Dr. Ad van Wijk, Professor of Sustainable Energy at the TU Delft, welcomes any use of hydrogen.

“There are several ways to store hydrogen. At present, high-pressure hydrogen gas storage is the standard in the automotive sector. But that does not mean there is no market for a separate application of H2Fuel.”

Has H2Fuel Systems developed the spectacular new technology we are waiting for? A technique that finally makes hydrogen a practical, economically attractive, safe and preferred replacement for fossil fuels? Let’s wait for this year’s trials. The expectations are high.


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