Hydrogen stations in Germany

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Driving on hydrogen seems to be the future. But the shown hydrogen cars ain’t completely green. Still Toyota and Hyundai have made a valiant attempt. Last year, Hyundai presented an existing SUV that had been converted to a hydrogen car. Toyota introduced the new Mirai, designed with a fuel cell.

The next few years, Shell will build a network of hydrogen filling power stations in Germany.

By 2023, 400 Shell service stations will be equipped with a hydrogen filling station.

Shell is investigating the opportunities in other countries.


Shell believes that hydrogen will play an important role in the future road transports. Mainly for passenger cars. Shell experts doubt whether hydrogen is suitable for the entire road transport. Liquefied natural gas – LNG – would be a better solution.

No carbon

Cars running on hydrogen, do have a fuel cell onboard. This cell converts the uplift hydrogen into electricity, in order to ride the vehicle. The waste product of this process is pure, drinkable water. The advantage is a reduction of emissions, especially when hydrogen is produced in a sustainable way.


Recently, Shell also started the construction of 3 hydrogen stations in South West England.



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