Hydrogen to store green electricity

Hydrogen plant 'Hybalance' Denmark

Hydrogen plant ‘Hybalance’ Denmark

In windy regions like the north of Europe, the challenge is to store all the green windmill electricity.

Of course the large amounts of electricity can be stored in batteries but Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany are investing in hydrogen to store the energy.


The main difference between hydrogen storage and battery storage is that hydrogen is cheap to store and hard to transport as opposed to electricity being expensive to store in batteries but easy to transport.

400 researchers from Aalborg University and 400 companies from all over Denmark have made a platform to share knowledge, skills, and resources on different sustainable energy technologies and production. One of the companies of the so called ‘House of Energy platform’ is Hydrogen Valley and its objective is to facilitate actual projects in a hydrogen infrastructure. The most important project is to build one of Europe’s biggest electrolysis based hydrogen production plants.

HyBalance plant

The plant is almost complete at the city of Hobro and is called HyBalance. The hydrogen will be produced from excess wind power with up to 70% efficiency, and the whole point of the plant is to demonstrate all parts of the hydrogen eco-system, from production, over distribution, to end use, primarily in transportation systems.

The potential of electrolysis

The project will validate dynamic PEM electrolysis and innovatory processes for the deliverance of hydrogen. This will be demonstrated in a real industrial environment by applying the latest high pressure hydrogen production and delivery equipment. The stored hydrogen will help balance the grid, and the green hydrogen will be used for clean transportation and in the industrial sector.

Hydrogen Storage Market Is Set To Reach USD 6.47 Billion By 2025

Favorable government regulations from U.S. DoE for producing alternative energy as fuel is expected to drive the market over the forecast period. Growing population and disposable income is projected to propel the market growth over the coming years. The global hydrogen storage market size is expected to reach USD 6.47 billion by 2025. Link to the report



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