IceBattery integrates with building cooling system


IceBattery storage is a commercially-proven and reliable technology. Each ice battery is designed to last 20 years and requires minimal maintenance.

Over heard about the IceBattery?

California-based Ice Energy inked an agreement, in June, making the Melbourne-based Apricus the exclusive distributor of all its thermal energy storage products in Australia, covering all market segments, including utilities, commercial and industrial, and residential.

IceBattery energy storage technology could dramatically change the way people cool their homes in summer – potentially cutting household peak power consumption by up to 95% – is poised to take on the Australian market, through a distribution deal with local solar hot water company Apricus.

Ice Energy

The company is best-known for its commercial and industrial Ice Bear technology, which works alongside air conditioning units by freezing water at off-peak periods, or when excess solar or wind power is available, and using the “ice battery” to provide power-free cooling during on-peak periods.

More recently, however, the company has been attracting attention for the creation of its “Ice Cub,” a smaller-scale version of the Ice Bear, that is targeting the potentially huge residential market.

Unlike the Ice Bear, the Ice Cub is a kind of all-in-one, hybrid battery/air-con unit, that replaces the conventional home air conditioner.

But unlike conventional air-conditioners, the Ice Cub has the ability to fill an insulated tank with ice in four hours, store it, and then, on command, switch from conventional AC to using the ice to cool the house for at least three hours, instead of electricity.

Trending IceBattery system

The Ice Battery is a clean, reliable and low-cost distributed energy storage solution for the grid, transforming inefficient and polluting air conditioners into efficient and clean cooling systems.

  • It improves the efficiency and resiliency of the grid, lower cooling bills and it reduces carbon emissions.
  • It charges by making ice during off-peak hours and discharges by using the stored ice to cool buildings during peak hours.
  • It integrates with a building’s cooling system ( ductwork or ductless mini-split systems inside new or existing homes) and answers the needs of commercial, industrial and residential customers.

The Ice Battery is equipped with a smart-grid controller and bi-directional communications technology to provide real-time visibility and control. It is fitted with sensors that remotely monitor the performance of each unit.

Ice Battery system

Ice Battery system

Remote Monitoring

  • Coolant systems pressure
  • Ice Temperature
  • Control housing temperature
  • Outside ambient temperature
  • Ice Battery components
  • Supply and return air temperature, on either side of the air handler
    Indoor thermostat
  • AC compressor on/off status

Remote Controls

Operating instructions and needed adjustments can be sent remotely:

  • Dispatch the Battery to make or melt the ice
  • Set or modify charge/discharge schedule
  • Control how much cooling is provided and for how long
  • Update software and upgrade firmware to roll out new product features and fixes
  • Control and dispatch additional demand-response assets


The Battery network is a secure, private wireless network with end-to-end encryption. Servers and databases are located behind firewalls that use security best practices.

Low costs, high performance

Ice Battery storage is a commercially-proven and reliable technology. Each ice battery is designed to last 20 years and requires minimal maintenance. A smart-grid controller monitors the system’s performance, controls its operation and allows for most repairs and fixes to be performed remotely.

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