IKEA plans to invest 1.5 billion euro in Climate Change

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IKEA wants to produce at least 70% of the energy by 2016 and wants to increase it to full energy independence by 2020.

The next five years furniture giant IKEA will spend 1.5 billion euros (1,7 billion USD) to the development of renewable energy and other measures to help tackle climate change

  • 500 million euros (565 million USD) will be given to develop wind energy
  • Another investment of 100 million (112 million USD) will be spend for further development of solar energy
  • People in regions that are hardest hit by global warming will receive 400 million euros (450 million USD)

Energy Neutral

Last month, IKEA opened a third wind plants in Sweden. With this wind power plant, the company is now operating completely energy neutral in the countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

In Canada, IKEA operated already energy neutral. The construction of wind plants are also planned in the US and Poland. Their goal is to operate worldwide energy neutral In 2020.

CEO Peter Agnefjäll

The investment is a win-win situation

It’s good for customers, good for the climate and good for IKEA.

Role model

IKEA asks other companies to follow with similar steps.

“People expect leaders lead,” said IKEA CEO Peter Agnefjäll. “That also applies to a company like IKEA.”

The investment of 1.5 billion euros follows previous investments worth 1.5 billion euros that has been done by the company from 2009 in order to become self-sufficient with green energy.


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