IKEA sells home batteries

IKEA sells home batteries

Ikea partner Solarcentury has an online calculator that gives savings estimate based on your postcode

IKEA has been started selling home batteries through its home warehouses in the UK. For this purpose, the company associates with Solarcentury, UK’s biggest solar supplier.

The home batteries are offered in combination with solar panels. Customers who have already purchased solar panels through IKEA can expand their system with a home battery.


Solarcentury will provide the hardware, from existing suppliers including LG and German manufacturer Sonnen.


According to IKEA and Solarcentury, a typical British household currently uses 40 percent of the solar energy they are generating. The remaining 60 percent is returned to the energy network. By adding a home battery, the percentage of self-consumption can be increased up to 80 percent. In addition, the savings on the energy bill will double and increase to 70 percent.

The total investment for the solar panels combined with the home battery amounts to about 7,000 pounds. This means that the total return of investment period of IKEA’s total system is about 12 years. It is a LG Chem home battery. See the video below explaining the system’s method.



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