Imagine the future


The main tool to change is a different mindset

Imagine the future.

The solutions to world’s current problems and the financial crisis begin with a different mindset.

The world looks very different in 2030. But how?

For too long, we thought we would find solutions within our existing framework. To increase productivity for example were solved by solutions which supplied people working harder. It’s much better to rethink and make sure we do our work smart!


Too long we have been arguing with the company in mind instead of the individual. Albert Einstein made some striking statements about it:

The world we have created is a product of our thinking. To change the world, we must change our thinking.

Einstein also said that you can not solve major problems within the same framework in which they arose.

Classic is the example of Toyota. Because they know how to implement a flow of new ideas. Imagine: every year Toyota implements about 20 per employee! This generates approximately $ 4,000 per employee per year. Easy money if you employ 50,000 employees worldwide.

At Toyota, new employees have to take a seat in a circle near a production line. They are instructed to find thirty improvements in thirty minutes. The next thirty minutes, the group has to improve one of those points. The employees learn to look at the production process with different eyes. The result: persons are looking much better and initiate a lot of valuable ideas, each year.


The main tool to change is a different mindset. Now you need imagination. It fits the motto of Bernard Shaw:

Some people see things as they are and say why I dream things that never were and say why not?


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