Industry: get ready for less water and more efficient use

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Power savings from the differential $20,000.00 – $35,000.00pa depending on demand

It’s time for the industry to take responsibility for sustainable use of industrial water. Let’s start to reduce, reuse and recover all industrial (waste) water.

Water managers: Start using less, water by efficient water processes.

Climate risks

Industries around the world are facing different risks because of climate change:

  1. Scarcity of water
    Industries can not produce without water. But the availability of water is getting more riskier day by day. Using less water and recycle what has been used, are essential.
  2. Flooding
    The risks of flooding are becoming urgent. Water risk management is essential.

Water management in the industry is a whole new, exciting dimension. There are quite a lot of great examples in the world to decrease your water footprint. Let’s take a look at a few case studies

Sandalwood Factory reduces 60% by recycling rainwater

One of Australian biggest water users has slashed water use by 60%, saving 6.8 million liters annually by collecting & recycling rainwater. 

The factory has achieved the water saving through improvements and innovations in recycling and collecting rain water from the huge roof areas of the building. They run a wastewater treatment plant that is recycling 6.8 million liters of water per year. Only a minimal amount of water goes through the cooling towers where most water loss occurs through evaporation.

The next step is to focus on other water efficiency practices and continuing improvements of the water systems.

RX Plastics Limited cleaner production

RX Plastics in New Zealand had to increase the plant cooling water facility. Therefore, different scenarios were investigated including increasing the output of our existing water chiller but with it’s relatively high maintenance and running costs and with the knowledge of local ground water availability and also its optimal temperature for the processing needs, they decided to go for a water take and discharge system.

Groundwater reuse

The operation basically works by taking water from a bore on the site and using it once through the factory for cooling the extrusion lines. From there they discharge the water back into the ground. Obviously RX Plastics had to maintain the purity of the water and prevent any contamination. They managed through a series of containment tanks. The water is closely monitored, the whole system runs on variable speed pumps and only delivers the amount of water required.


  1. Having not to upgrade our existing compressor water chiller $85,000.00
  2. Power savings from the differential $20,000.00 – $35,000.00pa depending on demand

Get more inspiration by examples from around the world during the Amsterdam International Water Week 2- 6 November 2015.


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