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Look at this brand new design: A 174 meters high building for apartments and a hotel provides a lot of renewable energy with solar, water and wind. This is the Dutch WindWheel

Architecture inspires the world. The Sea Ranch California is noted for its distinctive architecture, which consists of simple timber-frame structures clad in wooden siding or shingles.

But there are more inspiring buildings designed by world’s most influencing architects and constructors who do have their focus on circularity.

Let’s give you an overview.



Circular and C2C Architecture




Business Buildings


SolarWind Bridge

This SolarWind Bridge could power 15,000 homes. And even better, the bridge could be a vegetables garden.

Circular Architecture & Constructions


Concrete / cement alternatives

Alternative cements are being developed based on renewables and recycled materials claim to be able to produce lower CO2 emissions.


Tips for professionals


Tips for households


Circular Infrastructure


Green/Blue Cities of the future


This building initiatives need your support


All dossiers



Climate change and water


Models, Guidelines, Surveys, Checklists, KPi’s and more

European guidelines that aim to support the organization and management of your smart grid project and/or product development process

Sustainable world integrated SD Model

Sustainable solutions involve all: people, planet, profit.

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