Investing in renewables interesting

Investing in renewables interesting

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Investing in renewables is increasingly interesting. The rise of renewable energy seems unstoppable.

In 2015, 50% of all energy was already renewable energy. Worldwide! And figures are growing. investment dollars are starting to move to renewable energy.

Even the Rockefeller family sells out of fossil fuels and invests in clean energy.

50% renewables is likely to be only higher if governments really set for CO2 reduction. And it helps that wind and solar energy are becoming increasingly competitive in terms of cost .

Investing expectations

Expectations regarding the growth are mentioned almost every day now:

  • The value of solar energy was $ 114 billion in 2015
    • At the end of this decade the market will grow to $ 179 billion
    • Annually the capacity increases from 51 gigawatts to 77 GW by 2020
  • The same for wind power. In 2015 the global market was $ 110 billion and 63 GW installed
    • In 2020, 69 GW is expected

Renewable do have a huge impact on electricity networks. Energy deliveries to the grid are less consistent and less predictable. That’s why there is great attention to:

  • supply-demand technology worldwide
    National Grid calculated that the cost of managing the network properly will be up to £ 2 billion in the UK. And a similar investment to other countries in Europe.
  • energy storage technology
  • and the necessary to strengthen the grid
    Moreover, the network replacement and modernization in large parts of Europe increasing.

    • Siemens calculated that 35% of the Grids in Europe will have to be replaced the next years: an annual investment of $ 20 billion in new capacity.
    • The United States Grids require a minimum of $ 338 billion to modernize and make it more resilient to the current network.

Energy storage investment opportunities

The most promising technology to invest in is energy storage. The costs of storage systems are falling rapidly. Thanks to this technology there backups as conventional power plants are no longer necessary. Storage will be be able to increase the reliability of the energy system.

  • Storage units can be installed in the electricity network, ensuring that the network will restart automatically if there is something wrong.
  • The units can also pass information to the network operators, where anything goes wrong on the network.
  • This energy storage technology can play a vital role in microgrid like hospital end police station grids.

Storage is a growing and so interesting market for investors. Click here for an overview of energy storage systems / companies.


By 2020, the market for microgrids will have an estimated value of $ 20 billion. One of the leading businesses in microgrids is the Swedish / Swiss ABB.

The German Siemens, is one of the leaders of energy transportation over long distances like the wind power from the German Northern coast to the deep south.


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