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Without engineers the world would be in big trouble

Scientists expect the world population to grow up to 9 billion people in 2030. The demand for food and energy will increase by 50%. Water usage with 30%. And we are challenging climate change and less raw materials.

The world doesn’t need companies who react as a dinosaur. We need antelopes like you: Small cooperative innovators with beautiful solutions that improve the old and the new world. Why not give your creative mind a try? 

In China and India live 2,5 billion people with dreams of a house, two cars, 3 televisions… They also want to eat meat, shower and so much more. 30% more people will be very stressful for the amount of energy, food and clean water.

A global crisis in 2030 can be avoided if we innovate and work together world wide. Which solutions do you have in mind and what’s a great idea that will overcome a part of futures problems?

From current to future

The dream of innovating solutions in response to the current environmental issues and energy crisis that dawn on our future. There are different ways to which we can solve the problems that we face. One way is is to ignore the problem, do not recognise it and do nothing.

The other, is to innovate. To innovate you address the solution unbiasedly, tackle it with creative solutions and then effectively implement a new solution.

Innovation can improve on existing ways of doing things and it can also disrupt the process all together. There are different types of innovation. What fits you?

  • Commercial Innovation:
    Finding better ways to promote existing products or services
  • Sustaining Innovation:
    Find better ways to incrementally improve existing products
  • Transformational Innovation:
    Breakthrough performance in existing categories
  • Disruptive Innovation:
    Breakthrough innovation in new markets. Creating a largely different value proposition in a new market
SWOT analysis, SWOT Matrix, Innovation

A SWOT analysis (alternatively SWOT matrix) is a structured planning method used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved in a project or in a business venture.

How to start tackling problems?

  1. Identify opportunities
    This is the easiest, but still something that many people don’t do.
  2. The second is to analyse your idea through SWOT analysisThis is what separates the idealists from the realists. Get into the details of the opportunity ask the hard questions upfront. Understand that although these answers will change over time, SWOT analysis is a great exercise to get an idea of what will be involved to make this happen early on.
  3. Third is what takes the most courage, starting the project. Don’t wait too long to get started. The purpose of the initial SWOT analysis is not to stop you from acting on your ideas, rather to funnel out ideas that are unlikely to become successful
  4. Don’t waste your precious time. Get started


So the key is to start thinking in terms of technology innovation. Practice looking a ways to improve upon products that you use on a daily basis. When you combine this client focused innovative thinking with the technical problem solving capabilities, you likely have as an engineer or scientist, you’ll be prepared to create solutions that can be developed as world changing products.

Try the next steps

  1. Does your innovation solve a real problem?
    are people looking for solutios? Do you have evidence to support people will pay for a solution
  2. Is your innovation targeted towards a specific client?
    If you attempt to appeal to everyone, you will end appealing to no one. Do you have a idea client in mind?
  3. Are you passionate about your innovation?
    Have you thought about how your innovation matches with your passions?
  4. Do you have a profitable business model?
    Have you taken the time to workout the profitability of your innovation?
  5. Are you the right person for the job?
    are your unique strenghts, your experience and resources a match with your innovation?
  6. What will your business look like when it’s finished?
    Create a vision in your head of the business you wish to create. Who you want to work with? The products you wish to make?
  7. Have you done your SWOT Analysis?
    You need to list the strenghts you have, your weaknesses, the opportunities that exist and the potential threats you face.
  8. What’s the next step?
    Now that you have completed the worksheet you’ve probably identified that you have got a ton of work to do. Focus on the very next step and start moving towards your vision!

The world is your company, what would you do? Inspired to start your innovation process? Maybe you will also like us promoting your B2B concept in Trending.


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