Is the LUX wind turbine complemental to traditional windmills?

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The turbines are much more visible to birds and bats, so they are easier to avoid

We all know these large windmills. They are perfect in wide and open area’s.

But what if a region doesn’t have that much space and still wants to increase it’s own green energy?

Have a look at the LUX wind turbine and see for yourself.

Glen Lux, manager at LUX Wind Power Ltd mentions the benefits

  1. In wind farm applications, this wind turbines can be set much closer to one another than conventional wind turbines, reducing the land required by 90%
  2. The turbines are much more visible to birds and bats, so they are easier to avoid
  3. When a LUX wind turbine has reached end of life, the components are fully recyclable, unlike conventional wind turbines
  4. The  turbines are half the cost of other turbines because they do not require a central column, tower, struts, pitch system, and a yaw system. Also, the blades have a constant profile, which makes the manufacturing simple and inexpensive. The turbine is scalable to any size
  5. And … they are more quiet


The next phase towards commercialization is to build and test a fully instrumented 110 KW wind turbine to allow monitoring of all key components.  This phase is estimated to cost approximately $1 million and will take one year to complete.  The company is currently seeking interested parties to invest in the company in order to raise the funds necessary to complete this next phase.  A minimum investment of $25,000 has been established to limit the number of investors.


Following the successful testing of the 110KW prototype, licensing agreements will be offered to large wind turbine manufacturing companies.  At the same time, orders will be taken for 100KW to 500KW models.

A full business plan is available and completed by the Business Development Bank of Canada if you are interested.

Click here to find facts & figures and a turbine comparison to conventional wind turbines

Lux Wind Power - founder Glen Lux

Lux Wind Power – founder Glen Lux


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