Japan first to clean ocean plastics with Boyan Slat

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The scale of the plastic pollution in the ocean, has led the Japanese local government to seek innovative solutions to the problem.

Boyan Slat, the young inventor and founder of the Ocean Cleanup signed an agreement with the mayor of the Japanese island Tsushima to clean the ocean plastics with his floatable installation.

Japan is the first country who takes responsibility to clean their ocean. 

Every year 30,000 cubic meters of trash is deposited on the shores of Tsushima.


Recycling, ocean plastic, pollution, Slat, Tsushima

Tsushma is situated halfway between Korea and Japan.

2 years ocean cleaning

Boyan Slat expects his system can be installed in the spring of 2016.

The Ocean Cleanup consists long floating arms that will spam 2000 meters which will catch most of the plastic waste. Micro plastics cannot be filtered out by the arms.

The first installation of Slat will be operational for at least two years.


Tsushima island is researching whether the plastic can be used for recycling or as an alternative energy source.

Each year the soup grows with 5 million tons of plastic.

UNEP (the environmental organization of the United Nations) estimates the amount of plastic in the oceans at 44 million.


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