Japanese breakthrough triples wind power

The Wind Lens could deliver five times more power than conventional turbines

The Wind Lens could deliver even five times more power than conventional turbines

Japanese researchers have created a technology called “Wind Lens” that at least triples the potential output of a wind turbine

The Wind Lens is a source of renewable energy that Japan has been introducing since the earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

Imagine: our entire society powered by the quiet “woosh” of a wind turbine. Kyushu University‘s Wind Lens Turbine is one example of the many innovations happening right now that could transform our world in a green world.

How does it work?

The Wind Lens focuses airflow just like a lens focusing light.

The circle made up of the turbine blades has a ring that curves inward, and this directs the flow of air, and accelerates the speed. The team leader states that by using an inlet shroud, diffuser and brim in the inward ring, these cause the air to be drawn in more quickly.

Because of that, the Wind Lens generates up to five times more power than conventional turbines!

300% output, less noise

A lot of countries have been working with wind turbine technology for years, but we are plagued by the “not in my back yard” syndrome, where everyone wants cheaper power but no one will allow the turbines to be built on their land.
On average, wind energy is 14% cheaper than new coal and 18% cheaper than new gas.
What if this Wind Lens:
  • produces at least triple the output
  • save 54% of this costs (=3 times 18%)
  • records reducing our emission footprint
  • and produces hardly any noise?
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To obtain 100% from wind annually requires substantial long term storage or substantial interconnection to other systems which may already have substantial storage. Worldwide new installed capacity, 2014 Source: Wikipedia Wind Power

Environmental impact

The environmental impact of wind power when compared to the environmental impacts of fossil fuels, is relatively minor.

Compared with other low carbon power sources, wind turbines have some of the lowest global warming potential per unit of electrical energy generated.


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