Keezel collected $ 325,000 using crowdfunding

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This is how Keezel earned $ 325,000 using crowdfunding

Keezel used a six months preparation time for its crowdfunding campaign.

Keezel is a startup that makes boxes for everyone who wants to internet safely and anonymously via WIFI.

How the team managed to own $ 325,000 within a few weeks?

Keezel started 18 months ago with the development of a cabinet that makes VPN technology (Virtual Private Network), accessible for a great audience. They started with a target amount of $ 65,000. A few weeks later they have been raising $ 325 000 and the campaign is still going on. These are the lessons learned:

1. Start months in advance

Keezel spent more than half a year to launch the campaign on IndieGoGo.

Its more than creating a page and pressing the button to start.

2. Think of it as a game

Crowdfunden is a kind of game, says founder Müller. With crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo, the campaign looks like a game for attention. The better your campaign, the higher your site rate, That’s a bit of a chicken and egg story, but what is helping is:

3. Align friends and family

The launching day, our family and friends donated money. In the first hours, we collected a sizable chunk of money. And as a result, we have been reviewed in the newsletter of IndieGogo.

4. Keep the ball high

After launching: try to keep the ball high. Luckily we had interviews on several US sites and a local newspaper.

5. Approach all relevant markets

The Keezel will be shipped worldwide, so the entrepreneurs did not have to be limited to the European market. In the US, it is difficult to get attention, since many campaigns have been folded. People are quite critical. Come back when you have a review unit, they say there.

However, Keezel bombarded the press in a number of other countries with many VPN users, such as Japan and Australia.

“Make sure you have a good story, it’s more than your product. Keezel advertises itself with the slogan ‘Online Freedom for every device everywhere.

6. Find beautiful stretch goals

If you crowdfunding campaign exceeded its funding goal, set ‘stretch goals’. Or, what will you do when you collect more capital than your original goal? Give an impression of further developments and share that your are standing in the starting blocks to boost.


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