Latin America is dehydrated

El Nino treathens Central America

El Nino treathens Central America

Latin America suffers from the worst drought in decades. The largely failed harvests and rapidly shrinking cattle herds in several countries lead to serious food shortages. Famine threatens hundreds of thousands of families.


The Canicula – a recurring dry period – was longer, more extreme and fell earlier in the year than usual this year. After the extremely dry month of July, August brought more rain. Especially in Honduras and El Salvador. Nevertheless, the prospects for the second harvest period are not good.

That’s because El Nino is predicted to be more intense this fall. El Nino is a natural phenomenon when seawater is heated every several years. Effects can be felt anywhere in the world.

Chances of the El Nino are estimated to 50 to 65 percent. This is alarming because the El Nino will increase droughts in Central America.


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